The planning and the realization of the composite parts is reserved to a proper department.Here the outer sleeves, the brackets, the clamps are born and all the accessories in carbon-fiber like the heat protections that equip Telco exhaust systems.

For the production of the elliptic outer sleeves in carbon-fiber,Telco research has developed over the years an innovative technology able to categorically respect the very narrow margins of tolerance imposed in order to always guarantee the main cleaning of the assemblages and their robustness.

All the composite parts are vaccum-packed printed in order to obtain compactness among the matrix and the reinforcements to advantage of the quality of the finished goods. The clamps of support for exhaust systems, for example, are realized to variable thickness in order to obtain the necessary flexibility for their function.

Telco department that works on the compounds plans and realizes also the models and the stamps for the production. In order to carry out this delicate job our qualified staff needs entire weeks to end the development of a simple bracket supporting, but the result always repays us of every effort.