The stainless steel or titanium tubes bending is the first operation for the realization of the link pipes that compose an exhaust sistem. Recent studies have carried to the planning of more and more complex link pipe constituted by several parts to conical section jointed each other through welding.

Elements 2 > 1 are realized with specific equipments to electronic control that allow the positioning of the welding parts without possibility of error with tolerances next to zero. This method guarantees precise grafts between the elements and an always corrected assembly of the exhaust system.

The splices between the silencer and the link pipes are SLIP ON with keeping springs. For some versions the muffler is previewed with anchor BOLT ON (screwed) on the stock header. The grafts also in this case are cured in order to allow frequent desassembly without to lose the necessary thigtness characteristics.

The link pipes for slip-on exhaust are joined to the stock header with the same type of union previewed from the house for that same model. Using particular equipments it is possible to employ stainless steel tubes of a very little thickness maintaining an elevated robustness and contained weights.

Also the keeping hooks of springs are realized with stainless steel thread to high resistance that is rigorously weld by T.I.G. on the body of the exhaust header. The springs are realized by special companies on Telco detailed lists and are covered from a special envelop with a resistant rubber to elevated temperatures.