Carbon-fiber outer sleeves, like every other composite particular, are directly realized at Telco; In this way it is possible to maintain elevated qualitative standards of the finished goods with the connections of the always impeccable materials for the benefit of a larger termomechanical resistence of the silencer.

One of the fundamental elements of the muffler is certenly represented from the sound-absorption and heat-insulating material. In order to obtain a high isolation without to weight down the structure it is necessary to resort the up-to-date materials also in this field.Telco technicians have developed to a multilayer insulating system to variable density able to answering the maximum sollicitations.

Titanium outer sleeves that cover the mufflers ara realized through a calendering and sheet welding procedure. The titanium is a very resistant and light metal and represents the only technological alternative to the carbon fiber for this particular employment. For some models, the silencer with titanium outer sleeve is necessary in order to guarantee duration and reliability a long time above all if they are used with exhaust systems 2>1 on bicylindrical of large displacement.
The manufactoring of a Telco muffler is completely in stainless steel. Every element is realized with checked thickness in order to guarantee typical robustness and lightness of racing exhausts