The planning of complete exhaust systems and the study of a more representative silencer for the stock headers are complex operations that carry to the realization of various prototypes with different characteristics for the same model. Only after numerous dynamic tests and proves at the benchmark the best solution for the production will be chosen.

Thanks to refined production systems, to specialized technicians and to continuous developments of the own products, Telco is in a position to guarantee always the maximum quality, personally realizing all the phases of the production and eliminating every risk of defect of the product for the benefit of the customer.

The search and the development of new products never stops at Telco. The new ideas are always developed and tested a long time before becoming truth.Thanks to this working method it is possible to offer high technological products with the same guarantee of the stock production.

The power and torque data found at the benchmark supply precious and immediate indications that allow to develop a racing exhaust system to the best. These same information are put at disposal of the customers who can better estimate the obtained results in order to carry out their own choises

Thanks to proper electronic instruments based on the survey through computer of the fundamental coordinates, Telco realizes with the maximum precision all the parts that compose also the most complex exhaust header. This technology has allowed the elimination of numerous and cumbersome metal masks with remarkable advantages in terms of time and results reliability.