The phases that carry to the realization of the bottoms that constitute the extremities of a silencer are numerous and very complex. After the sheet stamping, in fact, there are quite 10 passages that carry to the final piece and ready for being assembled.

The stamping of some particular is made through stainless steel or titanium tubes deep-drawing. In order to always obtain elevated standard of finish, every component is subjected to satinizing just at the end of the working phases and immediately before the final welding.

No element is left to the case, the accuracy of the detail guarantees the best performances either from a dynamic point of view (greater power and performance) or from a qualitative and total efficiency point of view (weight and contained cluttered). With the aid of specific machines and tools Telco realizes all the phases of the production.

The sheet calendering based on precise developments carry to the realization of numerous parts like the titanium outer sleeves that covers the mufflers.This is a fascinating but delicate operation because every defected piece is discarded without compromises.