High-quality raw materials are subjested to strict controls before being employed in the production. The stainless steel and titanium pipes, assigned to the realization of the haeders, are bent, cut and shaped before being subjected to grinding and satining processes that will give them the final aspect.

The stainless steel and titanium sheets assigned to the production of the parts of the silencer are worked without risks thanks to a special protective plastic on their surface that will be only removed to the end of the single processes. The sheets thickness is one of the fundamental data in order to hold under control rigidity and weight of the finished goods.

The sound-absorption and heat-insulating materials have an important function and for this reason they are subject of continuous searches and experimentation. In order to obtain the maximum of the performances, in fact, Telco has developed various isolation systems for each kind of produced muffler.

The remarkable quality raw materials have a fundamental role for the attainment of elevated performances that last in the time. This is the reason why TelcoŽ is constantly engaged in the search and in the development of new and more and more advanced material and productive technologies.

Also a simple particular as the rivet can make the difference and this is a fundamental concept for Telco. In a detail it can be hidden the secret of the reliability, fruit of the continuous job of own products development. The assemblage operation of the silencer is carried out with the employment of centring masks in order to avoid every minimum imperfection risk