Materials welding is strictly realised by T.I.G. from specialized technicians.The details accuracy is fundamental for Telco planners who invest a lot of time in the search and in the development of new technologies able to optimize every exhaust system particular.

The welding,as per Telco philosophy, must be also an aesthetically pleasing work beyond that impeccable from the technical point of view. For this reason every joint element, is it in stainless steel or in titanium, is subjected to numerous phases of preparation before the welding.

The same accuracy to which we subject every day our products destined to a sporting use for pilots and champions all over the world, we reserve it to our customers without differences. This is our first prerogative, this is our best guarantee.
Great cleaning and precision also for the simpler operations like for example the welding by electrical weld of the elements. The pierced spirit of the silencer is realized calendering the stainless steel sheet in different thickness, lengths and diameters according to the model.