TELCO is born in the first years ninety from the enterprise and obviously from the passion of the two founding associates. From the beginning Telco develops a closely handicraft composite material production cured in the minimums details, as tubes in carbon fiber and motorcycles accessories. Many companies use TELCO products, the little one with a handicraft conduction and the biggest one that are on the market from more time. Nearly at the same time it is born the ‘research and development’ section and the production of complete exhaust systems for motorcycles begins, strong of the experiences made on the contest fields as technical sponsor.

Little years after, with a remarkable technical baggage and a knowledge acquired with the right experience, with a great enthusiasm TELCO decides to start a noise suppressors and complete systems production destined to ’ street use “ and therefore developed for the great majority of the models of motorcycles in the commerce from years ninety in then: in this group of models first of all you can find the Sport –Race line , Sport-tourer line , the Naked motorcycles and also the Scooter (exclusively of large piston displacement). 

TELCO immediately obtains the European Homologation of own products as requested from the actual laws.

With the commercialization of own products in Italy, Europe and all Extra EEC countries the web site is necessary for e-commerce and to sell to private and professionals people of the field. 
In 2003 TELCO web site is the only one in the motorcycle environment which uses the online selling supplying to the purchasers a reliable instrument through the protected logon (certificate with logon SSL) and a variety of payments methods for clients (cash on delivery , bank transfer, and credit card payments through Paypal circuit).

TELCO is constantly engaged in the realization of his exhaust systems in agreement to motorcycles models of the actual market and they always will be planned guaranteeing to own clients also in the future the maximum seriousness, engagement, development and qualities of his products with attention to the market requirements and trends.


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